Bridging The Gap

Designed as an easy entry point into the world of technical diving, this class is an introduction to some of the skills and concepts covered in the PADI Tec 40 Diver class. It is an excellent choice for those divers who don’t have the necessary pre requisites for PADI Tec 40, for those that are unsure that technical diving is for them or those divers that want a slower transition into technical diving. All dives are no decompression but divers will be using the same gear as technical divers.

Pre Requisites

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or other qualifying certification)
18 years of age


$300 / diver

Includes two class & pool sessions and 2 dives in open water with our technical diving instructors, student materials and certification upon successful completion.

You are responsible for travel expenses, any park or dive site admission & any equipment needs.

Equipment NEEDED

Personal Gear: Mask, fins, logbook, DSMB with reel or spool.

Either one of the following options (appropriately labeled and marked):

Back mounted doubles w/ isolation manifold
Two side mounted cylinders

Two complete regulators: one with 2m/7ft hose for air sharing and one with SPG. If using two independent cylinders, each regulator must have an SPG. The SPGs must be carried and marked in such a way as to avoid confusion between them.

Single stage/deco cylinder (min 30cf) w/ regulator & SPG

BCD appropriate for the cylinder configuration and with the ability to attach the stage/deco cylinder. Backup buoyancy is also required – this can be a dual or redundant bladder BCD or a drysuit. Students carrying pony bottles and small stages may be able to use one source of buoyancy control at the discretion of our instructor. Contact us for more information.

Dive computer capable of gas switching

Exposure suit appropriate for the environment. If using a drysuit, you must be able to demonstrate proper buoyancy control before using in open water

Weight system (if necessary), Jon Line (if necessary for the environment), Knife/cutting device (on upper body), slate, backup mask (optional but recommended), compass, lights (if necessary for environment)

materials Needed

Tec Deep Crewpak (included in the class price), students will also need a laptop or tablet with decompression planning software installed. There are several options for software available and your instructor will discuss those in class.


Portions of the Tec Basics class can be credited toward your PADI Tec 40 Diver class when completed within 12 months.

2021 Schedule

Classes are conducted on a private basis. Call the store to schedule yours today.