Scary Fun For Every Diver

You’re carving what underwater? Yes, you can join in the fun and practice your buoyancy control and working with your buddy underwater by participating in our PADI Underwater Pumpkin Carver course. Created by the Great American Diving Company over 20 years ago, this fun course has been copied by many but never equaled.

Pre Requisites

10 years of age
Certified diver or currently enrolled in our PADI Open Water Diver course.


$45 / diver which includes our handouts on carving pumpkins underwater, certification card, t-shirt and lunch on Saturday. If you are doing the course in conjunction with your open water course, admission to Mermet Springs is included, otherwise you are responsible for your own transportation, admission, air fills and rental gear.

Equipment Needed

Personal Gear: Mask, snorkel, fins, boots, logbook, knife or diver tool, SMB w/ spool or reel.

Diving System: Tank, BCD with low pressure inflator, primary regulator and alternate air source, SPG, depth gauge or dive computer, compass, quick release weight system and weights, adequate exposure protection, one audible emergency surface signaling device, dive computer or RDP w/ timing device.

We offer special pricing on rental Diving Systems for our students – contact our store for more information.

Don’t forget you will also need a pumpkin to carve and a set of carving tools

Links To Other Programs

This weekend is also the only time during the year that we offer the PADI Fish ID class at Mermet Springs. The class is taught by professional freshwater biologists who are experienced PADI Instructors.

2021 Schedule

Class & Dives
Mermet Springs
11:00an - 4:00pm
October 16