Take Your Freedivng To Open Water

Building on the skills you learned in your PADI Basic Freediver class, you’ll put your training to use in open water.

The PADI Freediver class develops your basic freediving skills to a depth of between 30 & 50 feet while accompanied by your freeding instructor.

We are the first and only PADI Freediver Center in the midwest and you will be taught by a PADI Master Freediver and Freediver Instructor.

Pre Requisites

15 Years Old
Certification as a PADI Basic Freediver (or other qualifying certification)
Adequate swimming skill


$99.00 / diver which includes all instruction, open water session and certification.

It is important to use gear designed for freediving rather than traditional snorkeling & scuba gear.

Equipment Needed

Your should already have your basic equipment from your PADI Basic Freediver class but if not you will need dedicated freediving style gear. You will also wanted appropriate exposure protection and a weight belt with weights. A freediving style weight belt is preferred.

Links To Other Programs

After you develop your skills and have gain the necessary comfort with freediving you can continue on to Advanced Freediver.

2021 Schedule

Mermet Springs
Classes are scheduled on a private basis. Call the store for more information.