Try Scuba Diving

Not sure scuba is for you? Our try it programs give you the opportunity to try scuba diving in a pool under instructor supervision before committing to a course.

Learn to Scuba Dive

Jump into the adventure! Becoming a certified diver is easy and straightforward for the whole family.

Continue Your Education

A good diver is always learning new things. Expand your skills and knowledge through our complete continuing education program.

Dive Pro Classes

Share your love of the underwater world by teaching others to dive.

Scuba Refresher

Get back into diving with our PADI ReActivate classes.

Classes Just For Kids

Kids as young as 8 can begin scuba diving. Start them on a lifetime of fun.

Tec Diving Classes

Venture beyond the ordinary into the world of technical diving. Add some extreme to your diving.

Class Cancellations & Refunds: There are no refunds on any eLearning codes that have been redeemed or materials that have been written in or used. The retail price for any redeemed eLearning codes will be deducted from any class price if a refund is issued. No refunds for no shows / no calls or if the at home learning is not complete at the start of the class. There is a $100 / person rescheduling fee within 14 days prior to the start of the class except for medically valid reasons. Medically valid reasons include proof of a positive test for COVID-19 within 5 days prior to the start of the class or written documentation from a medical professional. There is no charge if your participation in class is permanently disqualified via written documentation from a medical professional.